Assess your security and define a roadmap

Starting from your most critical assets we will assess what controls you have today, how effective they really are, and if they are protecting against today’s threaths.

Detection is a MUST

Today you must assume successful attacks will happen. Typical controls like firewalls and anti-virus are too easily bypassed. A realistic cyber security strategy focusses at least 50% of all efforts on detection

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We analyse your needs and find the best fit solution within your budget. Because we don't focus on selling products we can focus on real security for the best price.

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User Awareness Campaigns

Top-4 Cyber Controls


inner-post-image10In today’s cyber world every organisation is targeted. Saying that your organisation will not be hacked is as naïve as stating that you will never be sick or in need of a doctor.

What you want is to timely detect an illness before serious damage occurs. Several recent independent reports confirm that most organisations are failing to detect cyber breaches themselves.

And what is most worrying is that most breaches get a lot of time to further spread undetected once inside the organisation, leading to the bigger damages and losses.

Cyber Security Strategy

post-image1In this management consulting solution we assist and guide the Security Officer or the general management, in defining and implementing an effective cybersecurity strategy. The traditional compliance-based security is failing.

If your organisation is looking for real and automated security that is effective and cost-efficiënt our approach will interest you. Contact us for a free presentation.

Learn what to do first!
Stop spending into failing traditional security
Shift to a real and automated security
Win against global, professional and well funded criminals

Realtime Security Dashboards

post-image2We have defined a set of security metrics that can fully automated and gathered in real-time. Good security metrics must be automatic and designed for:

  1. For managers to understand
  2. For system administrators to improve.
  3. For auditors to verify

Security Projects

Our consultants can take up a wide range of security related challenges and projects.

Application Security
Secure Architectures
Incident response coordination
Security skills assessment and training

Choose Us

If you are looking for pragmatic security that goes beyond compliance based checkbox approach.

  • Cyber Strategy assessment & roadmap
  • Attack & train to built awareness
  • Invest security budgets better
  • One-stop: We talk and walk

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Top-4 Cyber Controls

Top international cybersecurity experts and organisations (including the US Department of Homeland Security, the Australian Department of Defense and the SANS critical security controls) have stated that most companies can best defend against cybercriminals by implementing the following top-4 controls:

Application whitelisting
Secure configs for applications and OS
Patch applications and OS
Minimise administrative privileges
Implementing these controls is technically complex and requires your organisation to put in place the right balance of people, processes and automated technologies. Krinos employees possess a unique mix of skills to plan and implement these top-4 controls with success in your organisation.