Phishing voor Vlaamse besturen

Meet de weerstand van al uw personeelsleden tegen phishing aanvallen en versterk deze. Kom te weten hoe uw bestuur het doet t.o.v. andere gemeenten en steden. Mis deze unieke campagne die start in september 2016 niet!

KBC selected Krinos for their awareness campaign

"Krinos helped us to define clear objectives and measure the Return of Investment (ROI) of our awareness campaign. Because of their end-to-end managed service the campaign could startup very quick without the need to buy tools or train internal people." says Jan Nys, Chief Risk Officer, KBC Group

Gemeente Glabbeek investeert in cyberveiligheidsopleidingen

Gemeente Glabbeek omarmt digitale media met o.a hun website en de Glapp!. De Krinos Academy online trainingen blijken een leuke en efficiënte manier om hun personeel essentiële cyber security skills bij te brengen.

Krinos Academy User Awareness Solutions

End-to-end managed services that builds awareness in any organisation via our Attack-Train-Measure approach. Attacks offered are: Emails phishing, voice phishing, USB drops, physical inspections and IT penetration tests.

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6 things the board must know about cyber security

SEPT 2015 – The following artikel explains 6 things that successful cyber resilient organisations KNOW and DO. Any organization that wants to be successful in protecting against today’s cyber threats must have the board and the general management on their side. It is only when the management accepts the downsides of applying essential security best […]

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4 actions to get management buy-in for cyber awareness

JUN 2015 – You are responsible for cyber awareness in your organisation. You want to start an initiative, but need to convince your management. Use the following approach and you’ll gain their full support! 1. Get their attention by putting forward the facts Get a meeting slot in the proper management board, steering committee, risk […]

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Gemeente Glabbeek traint college, bibliotheek, school en OCMW

MEI 2015 – De gemeente Glabbeek heeft de reputatie “innovatief” en “digitaal-minded” te zijn. Zo lanceerden ze een smartphone app (Glapp!) voor hun inwoners. Glabbeek kiest er nu ook voor om de gemeente, bibliotheek, school en OCMW cyberveiligheidsopleidingen via het Krinos Academy platform te laten volgen. Efficiënt en aangenaam om te volgen “Online leren is […]

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ThreatSim proves that simulated phishing exercises make a difference.

APR 2015 – ThreatSim has just released their 2015 State Of The Phish Report. The report combines the results from a survey together with the factual data collected of all email phishing simulations run using their professional phishing tool during 2013 and 2014. The conclusion is clear: According to organisations phishing attacks are growing and […]

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5 essential steps for a successful cyber awareness campaign.

FEB 2015 – If your organization is only looking at technology in your cyber security strategy, you are leaving a huge risk unadressed: The human element. From the many investigated security breaches, it clearly shows that humans and their devices are almost always thé starting point for cyber criminials. Is this your first campaign? Are […]

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Visit us at, register for a free VIP ticket here!

JAN 2015 – is thé Belgian event for IT managers, security and IT professionals. You can visit Krinos Academy on 25 and 26 March at Brussels Expo, Palace 8, Booth D142 and find out what surprises we have planned for you. If you are an IT professional, register on our newsletter via this link […]

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Defining and measuring a prioritised patch management strategy (Part1)

JAN 2015 – Security patches for all types of operating systems and applications are released constantly. When a security patch is released, the associated vulnerabilities and its details become public. Immediately hackers will develop exploits and actively start looking for unpatched systems. The longer you wait to patch the more ‘known’ risks you are running. […]

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Iranian cyber army preparing to control European airports and energy facilities.

DEC 2014 – On the 24th of November 2014, released a shocking report with evidence about the growing cyber threats from pro-Iranian hackers. The report, called Operation Cleaver, explains how Iranian hackers have successfully penetrated at least 50 companies across 15 industries in 16 countries. The attacks are organized and target critical industries of […]

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Phishing Alert: Opgepast voor valse internet facturen!

DEC 2014 – Er circuleren momenteel emails met valse facturen gericht aan Belgische bedrijven of personen die een internet domein aangekocht hebben. Deze email word o.a. verstuurd vanaf het email adres en ziet er als volgt uit: Dat dit een phishing email is met een valse factuur kan afgeleid worden uit verschillende elementen. Wat […]

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Attack your colleagues before criminals do. (Part1)

NOV 2014 – How can you organise email phishing awareness campaigns directed at your own staff. This first article discusses some practical do’s and don’ts. Our Society has changed… Be prepared! Our society is becoming more digital everyday. As a result all forms of criminal organisations have moved their activities into cyberspace. Many reports confirm […]

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Testimonial: sdworx Goes Phishing

SEPT 2016 - Like most companies nowadays, we’ve had our share of cyber incidents: virus infections, ransomwares, phishing emails, etc…... Read more

Wachtwoorden stelen: Kind & Gezin vertelt hun verhaal

OCT 2015 – Krinos Academy deed een phishing oefening bij Kind & Gezin. De dienst communicatie vertelt het verhaal in hun... Read more

KBC selected Krinos Academy for managing their email phishing awareness campaign.

AUG 2015 – KBC must be top-class in providing secure financial services to its customers. An important part of their... Read more

Gemeente Glabbeek traint college, bibliotheek, school en OCMW

MEI 2015 - De gemeente Glabbeek heeft de reputatie "innovatief" en "digitaal-minded" te zijn. Zo lanceerden ze een smartphone app... Read more