Phishing voor Vlaamse besturen

Meet de weerstand van al uw personeelsleden tegen phishing aanvallen en versterk deze. Kom te weten hoe uw bestuur het doet t.o.v. andere gemeenten en steden. Mis deze unieke campagne die start in september 2016 niet!

KBC selected Krinos for their awareness campaign

"Krinos helped us to define clear objectives and measure the Return of Investment (ROI) of our awareness campaign. Because of their end-to-end managed service the campaign could startup very quick without the need to buy tools or train internal people." says Jan Nys, Chief Risk Officer, KBC Group

Gemeente Glabbeek investeert in cyberveiligheidsopleidingen

Gemeente Glabbeek omarmt digitale media met o.a hun website en de Glapp!. De Krinos Academy online trainingen blijken een leuke en efficiënte manier om hun personeel essentiële cyber security skills bij te brengen.

Krinos Academy User Awareness Solutions

End-to-end managed services that builds awareness in any organisation via our Attack-Train-Measure approach. Attacks offered are: Emails phishing, voice phishing, USB drops, physical inspections and IT penetration tests.

How Dropbox For Business makes your files ransomware proof

OCT 2015 – We are a cyber security company. We advise our customers on how to secure their digital world. We use cloud applications intensively to be competitive, fast and efficient. Our mailboxes are in hosted Office 365 running in Microsoft’s datacenters. We use an online CRM tool for managing our sales leads and recently we have decided to buy Dropbox for Business for storing most of our company data.

Before we start using a cloud-based platform we investigate thoroughly if we can properly secure them. They will not only store our company data, but also some data of customers we work for. We want our security to be at least on the same level as our customers. That is why

We only use cloud platforms that have the following essential security features available:

1. Strong authentication: When you login you need to provide a username and password together with one-time token. Examples of one-time tokens are: a unique SMS code that is send to your phone when you login, or a Google authenticator code. Today many cloud tools support strong authentication. Strong Authentication makes it nearly impossible for anyone to login with your account. Did you know you can secure your personal Facebook, Dropbox and Gmail accounts using strong authentication for free? Mailchimp even gives you a discount on your invoice when you enable strong authentication.

2. Encrypt all our data while in transit over the internet and when stored in their datacenters. Online Storage providers like Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud state that the data you store on their servers is encrypted so their engineers can not read it. You will have to trust them however on this one as you cannot easily verify it. Sometimes there might be exceptions for particular data files. When handling very sensitive data or when customers require it we enable additional encryption on the data we store in the cloud. This obviously requires some additional work and software to set it up.

These two security features are essential for storing and working with business data in online applications. But it is not the only thing to think about.

virus7-red-512A Ransomware virus is a special case to protect from. Today’s antivirus software can’t keep you safe from it anymore. If your systems get’s infected the ransomware will start to encrypt all your files like documents and photo’s on your local system but also on any fileshares your device has access like your Dropbox and Onedrive connected folders. So always make sure you have a recent OFFLINE backup available of all the files you can’t effort to loose.

When making offline backups is too difficult and time consuming there is a fully automated way of making your companies documents ransomware proof using for instance Dropbox for Business.

Via which mechanisms can Dropbox for Business protect you from a ransomware.

dropbox-logo2- Automatic Versioning: Dropbox for Business automatically backups a version of your file every time you update it and save it back into dropbox. A ransomware does the same, it will need to make a new file version and save it. This means you can find a version of your file before it was encrypted. Every user can do this for their own files with a few easy clicks. So when a ransomware hits no-one will be blocked for a long time after people have figured out all their files have been encrypted and how to get back a previous version.

- Restore deleted files: A smart ransomware could figure out how to delete the older saved versions or how to delete all original files including the saved versions. In dropbox for Business it is however not possible for normal users to delete file versions, so also not for the ransomware. When a ransomware would try delete the whole files, dropbox always keeps the deleted files stored for you as long as you want. There is a setting where you can explicitly prevent teammembers from permanently deleting files. This way the admin can always restore anything that was deleted.

So what is the worst case scenario?

Could malicious software or people delete or encrypt all documents in your dropbox without you being able to fully recover them? No, not in Dropbox for Business. In the current interface there is also no option for the users or administrators to permanently delete files, so you can always find back your old versions of the last months.

The worst case scenario is that you have thousands of files that you need to manually revert back to previous unencrypted version. So how can you automate a previous version restore over many files?

Manually restoring all files one-by-one would indeed be a pain in the ass. Unfortunately, the current Dropbox for Business does not have an option to easily restore all files in one or more folders to it’s previous version or to the first available version before a given date. At least this option is not available in the administrators WEB interface or Dropbox agent software. If you have some programming skills you CAN however make a scripts that integrates with Dropbox’s API to automatically restore all files from a previous version. If you google around you can find some sample scripts. Organisations that want to quickly recover from a ransomeware that encrypted all files can prepare by writing and testing such a API script beforehand.

About the author, Kris Jehaes

Kris has got more than 15 years of IT and security experience. He loves using and testing new technologies and looks at them through his security eyes. Kris is responsible for the strategic cyber security advisory service at Krinos. He combines a strong hands-on IT engineering background with a Vlerick MBA. Kris is one of Krinos’ Flying information Security officers (FISO) that guide organisations with defining and implementing a pragmatic cyber security strategy. With the FISO service we want to bring high-added value security advise to mid-size organisations. The FISO is independant from any vendors and can work on an hourly basis or daily basis. His personal slogan: Do more with less.


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